About Us

KidZerts: Providing Better Foot Care Products for Children

The idea for KidZerts children's arch support insoles originated after Melissa Kumler became concerned about the health of her children's feet. Like any other mother, Melissa has always monitored the overall health and development of her two young children and when it came to their feet, she noticed that there was a lack of children's high quality foot care products in the market.

As infants and toddlers, Melissa's children were mostly in soft sole shoes or barefoot, which is recommended for very young children. But as they grew and became preschoolers she noticed that one of her kids started to develop noticeable flat feet while the other began to over-pronate when walking. With a background in biomechanics and a degree in Kinesiology, Melissa knew that if something wasn't done to correct these foot problems she would be jeopardizing the health of her children's feet, so she consulted with a family podiatrist who recommended that her kids wear quality made supportive shoes that provide arch support.

When shopping for kids' shoes with good arch support, she discovered that most shoes were well made but had little or no arch support. In fact, most of the shoes came with poorly made thin insoles that did not even offer good cushioning. After talking with other parents, Melissa discovered that not only did they have similar concerns about their children's feet, but also felt that it was a challenge trying to find kid's shoes with good arch support.

It was evident that children's insoles in the market lacked all the important features needed for healthy growing feet, so Melissa decided to take matters into her own hands. She consulted with a certified pedorthist, the podiatrist and medical director of RJ Medical, and a highly successful manufacturer of adult arch support insoles. From there the idea of KidZerts was born. Over the next year and through many trials, the group developed the first ever children's wear-moldable arch support insole that is contoured to support the arch, stabilizes the heel and has an anti-bacterial top cover to help combat kids' stinky feet. KidZerts children's arch support insoles are the inserts that should be in all children's shoes.